Thursday, April 21, 2011

Casting Details for Skateboard SAG movie based on a high school skateboarder who loses both his parents and is forced to deal with the decision to finish school or work a 9-5 to take care/provide for his younger brother.  Film will be shot in NYC Spring/Summer 2011.  Movie will be submitted to both Tribeca and Sundance Film Festival(s).

Casting details -
1) Young looking Latino(older brother) Could be mid 20's and look like 18-21 years old - lead role which will involve acting however no acting experience needed. Must be a good skater - pay rate $100-$150 a day

2) 10-12 year old Latino - decent skate skills - kickflip ability is a plus. $100-$150 a day

3) 3 skaters - teenage Latino skaters - $100-$150 a day

4) Filmer - to be part of crew - would get credit as cinematographer and some of footage would most likely be used in film - $100-$150 a day

**PLEASE NOTE - more compensation will be granted should the skater(s) need to miss work, etc.

Casting & Shooting Dates -

*Casting will take place early May - footage + pic initial - lead roles will have to meet with director
*Skate filming will take place early June
*Acting will take place 3rd week in July

Script is available upon request. For further inquiries please send a photo and skate footage to:

Wednesday, April 13, 2011